And the winners of the Cee cee James giveaway are…


Thanks for everyone participating in the Cee Cee James cd giveaway, it was a huge success!

So that’s why instead of one winner, Cee Cee decided to choose two winners!!

And the winners are…

Todd Stieha & Ronja Zwierink

Congratulations to the winners of the Cee Cee James giveaway! Winners please send as soon as possible an email to


De Cee Cee James winactie was een groot succes! Daarom heeft Cee Cee James besloten i.p.v. een winnaar, twee winnaars te kiezen!

En de winnaars zijn…

Todd Stieha & Ronja Zwierink

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WIN a signed album of Cee Cee James / WIN een gesigneerde album van Cee Cee James!


From me, Anneke Schrijft, now in my 2nd year due to my wonderful followers, who I appreciate more than I can say, for making it a success! I am delighted to announce a special giveaway for you. Recently I interviewed, the blues singer Cee Cee James (you can read the interview here) about the struggles and triumph and what drives her life, of this soulful blues artist. Her years of experience in both song and life, has inspired her to yet another project and a new band name called Cee Cee James “M.I.S.S.I.O.N of S.O.U.L”. This calls for a celebration! It is a delight for me to begin my 2nd year with this privilege to have a special giveaway for my followers. The winner will receive an autographed album from the great blueswoman herself, Cee Cee James!

To enter go to Cee Cee her Facebook page and “like”,

then a “like” at  the Anneke Schrijft facebookpage.

Leave a message stating why you wish to win.

The winner will be announced on 13-08-2015 

Once again, I wish to thank all of you for making this blog a success and a huge thank to Cee Cee for this wonderful giveaway.

Anneke Schrijft bestaat twee jaar en dat moet gevierd worden! Dit keer kun je kans maken om een gesigneerd album van  de Amerikaanse blueszangeres Cee Cee James te winnen! Cee Cee James wordt ook wel de nieuwe Jannis Joplin Doorgaan met het lezen van “WIN a signed album of Cee Cee James / WIN een gesigneerde album van Cee Cee James!”

In gesprek met … blueszangeres Cee Cee James



Cee Cee James is a dynamic Blues singer,with a talent that comes straight from her heart and Soul. She has lived and breathed the blues and her Soul pours out through song. Her depth and strength is sometimes compared to that of Janis Joplin. A great compliment though she has her own unique style, giving bone chilling performances. What makes Cee Cee stand out and above other performers is her modest and humble personality she has a heart as big as her voice and is is down to earth as a person could ever be. She never for a moment loses her sense of the human aspect,her love of fans, friends and God. The music of today has taken on the glam look which is in style only for the moment. Cee Cee maintains and remains true to her roots. there are no false airs about her,she is real through and through. The greatest singers in the world are those who let their soul pour out their voice..Cee Cee is among those.

Cee Cee James is een blues zangeres in hart en nieren. Zij heeft de pijn gevoeld en de tranen gehuild waarover zij zingt. Met haar muziek en bijzondere stemgeluid heeft zij mensen in hun hart geraakt. Cee Cee wordt vaak vergeleken met Janis Joplin. Ik vroeg haar wat zij ervan vind steeds vergeleken te worden met deze legendarische zangeres. Cee Cee is ondanks al haar succes zichzelf gebleven en is wars van enig uiterlijk vertoon. Dat is een verademing in deze tijd waar alles om het uiterlijk lijkt te draaien, zelfs of vooral in de muziekindustrie.

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