An Interview With Author David Hewson (& Dutch Edition Giveaway)

david hewson
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Today we welcome the author of ‘The Killing’ and ‘The House Of Dolls’, David Hewson to the blog. David Hewson has written more than twenty books, all of which are published in several countries. We are grateful that despite his busy schedule, he has found the time to speak with Anneke Schrijft on a variety of topics such as his goals when creating a story, how being an author has affected the way he reads books, as well as what he likes most about the Netherlands.

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 What got you into writing thriller novels?

To be honest I never set out to write in a particular genre. Just strong, intelligent, original readable stories. I got tagged as a crime writer after a while and if you write books with police in them that’s inevitable. But I think they’re more than simple whodunnits. They’re about what writers have always been tackling, the complex state of humanity. Why people fall and what happens when they to.

What’s the thing you’re most proud of in your newest novel, De stenen engel?

The back story of the Schrijvers, Bert in particular. He’s a decent man, struggling to survive and understand how best to help the family he loves deeply. In the end he finds his own solution — a unique one I think. I really enjoyed writing Bert.

What were the obstacles you faced while writing De stenen engel?

Most of the book is set in De Pijp which is a part of Amsterdam that was new to me. I’ve been coming to the city for years but never made it there. It’s so different and quite a close community. I ended up renting a series of different apartments there to try to see inside it and talk to the locals.

What was the most enjoyable scene to write in De stenen engel?

The opening. I decided to do something horrible to Pieter Vos, the protagonist. He’s a man who doesn’t much care about himself but he loves his little dog. So when I thought about it the thing that would hurt and infuriate him the most would be if someone kidnaps Sam. Which they do right under his nose.

Warner Bros has bought the film rights for your story. Once the Amsterdam series is made into a film, who would you like to see play the role of Pieter Vos?

It’s been bought for TV I’m happy to say — the books are too long and complex for a single film. It is due to be made in Dutch too and I don’t really know Dutch actors. In a way I hope it’s someone unknown who could make the part their own. But if it was in English I’d say Richard Armitage, a fantastic actor I’ve worked with on two Shakespeare adaptations. Richard is marvellous and would make a great Vos.

What do you like most about The Netherlands?

The people. Always funny, always challenging, always unpredictable.

How has being an author affected the way you read books? Does it make you more critical?

I think it’s made me read more widely. After a day of writing I don’t much want to sit down and read something the same as the kind of material I’m writing. So I read a lot of non-fiction, especially history. Right now I’m reading Mary Beard’s SPQR about Rome which is fantastic.

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Om kans te maken op dit boek beantwoord dan de volgende vraag. Warner Bros gaat de Amsterdam serie Verfilmen. Welke Nederlandse acteur zou jij de rol van rechercheur Pieter Vos willen zien spelen?

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